Skjolden Llamas for sale

Llamas for Sale 2017

All llamas that we offer for sale are trained and of good quality. All young animals have been halter trained and handled regularly. Many of the yearlings and older llamas have been used on tours and have some pack training experience. If a llama is difficult to handle or has physical faults, it is not offered for sale. We will attempt to find the most suitable llama for your requirements, spend time with new owners so that they are familiar with handling and care of llamas. We can always be contacted for further advice or information.

If handled correctly from a young age, llamas are normally easy to train and a pleasure to work with. Whether buying from ourselves or elsewhere, please take this into consideration. There are currently many llamas being offered for sale (often at bargain prices), that are untrained or have been handled very little. Whilst these can turn out to be good animals, it is not guaranteed. Training can be difficult if started late. A llama can live for up to 25 years, it is best to know what you are buying.

Llamas are a social animal and unhappy if alone, we therefore only sell single llamas if they are to be kept with other llamas or livestock. Below are listed details of some llamas that we currently have for sale.