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Llama Tours, Walks and Activities

Visit Skjolden, meet the llamas and enjoy a very special experience. The farm is located just 500 meters from the centre of Skjolden near the Mørkrid river.

Below are listed details of activities on offer during 2023. Our main season is from 1 May until 1 September. We can however organize tours for other dates or alternative activities, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CRUISE SHIPS. On all days when cruise ships are visiting Skjolden, we will offer llama walks/ farm visits throughout the day, if the tour is not being marketed and sold directly by the cruise line as part of their official excursions programme. This is a popular activity lasting approx 90 minutes, starting from outside tourist information in the center of Skjolden these will be advertised at the cruise terminal, tourist information and other locations in Skjolden, can also be booked in advance. Additional details will be listed at the bottom of this section of the website a minimum of two or three days in advance of each ship docking in Skjolden. There will be a MINIMUM of one llama available for every two people on the walk when cruise ships are here, the first tour starts approx. 2 hours after the ship docks, subsequent tours at 2 hour intervals throughout the day. Advance booking is advised on cruise days due to limited capacity and the popularity of the llama walk.




Enjoy a pleasant walk with the llamas by the river and meet the foals back at the farm.

The tour today will start outside Fjordstove/ tourist information in Skjolden at 1.30pm  and last 2 hours, the price is NOK275 per person payable in cash or by credit card. 

Bookings direct to the farm, preferably by email or text message. If possible, please book in advance by text message to 0047 97425369 or email If you are unable to contact us or do not get a reply, come to the meeting point anyway and there should hopefully be places available.Please see the additional information on tour schedules for the 2023 season further down on this page.

River Walk & Farm Visit

Enjoy a visit to the farm, meet the llamas and take them for a liesurely walk by the river. See what else is happening on the farm when you are here. In addition to the llamas, we have an old norwegian breed of sheep and grow raspberries.

Duration: about 90 minutes.

Price: NOK 200 per person.

Farm visit

If you would prefer, we offer short farm visits where you can see what is happening on the farm and meet/handle the llamas. Visits last about 45 minutes.

Duration: approx. 45 minutes.

Price: NOK 100 per person (subject to minimum charge of 200 NOK).

Day Trek Mørkridsdalen Conservation Area

This guided walk starts at the trailhead/car park Hødnevollen which is located at the end of the road in the Mørkrid valley (transport can be organized from Skjolden). Follow the Mørkrid river upstream as far as our farm cabin at Liane, where a picnic lunch and refreshments will be provided. You will have good time to relax and explore the area before returning to the trailhead.

The scenery in this area is beautiful and a very special experience. You will pass small lakes and waterfalls along the way and be accompanied by our pack llamas who will carry your bags and lunch for you. Although there is some uphill walking (Liane is 480 metres above sea level), the trail is good and the llamas set a gentle walking pace. Walking time about 2.5 hours in each direction. Tour subject to minimum of two people booking, maximum 10 persons/4 llamas.

Duration: full day, approx 8-9 hours.

Price; This tour is currently under developement and we hope to be able to organise a limited number of days during 2023.

Other Activities.

There will also be the opportunity to accompany us on our daily inspection round when we check all the areas where we have sheep and llamas grazing. Spring and early summer this can be three or four different locations around Skjolden. From mid June we also check up on the sheep at least once every week on the upland grazing, this involves a lot of walking, but some fantastic scenery.


We will be organising llama walks and/or short farm visits on most of the days that ships are visiting Skjolden this year. We are currently still in the process of planning itinaries for "cruise days" and will publish details for each individual day as soon as we have them finalised.

Please note that on certain dates, the tours are sold as part of the official tour program and only bookable via the cruise company.

Payment accepted in Kroner, US Dollars, GB Pound and Euro. We also accept credit card and VIPPS payment.

To book please email -

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